The QC Channel Cat season begins Friday, May 28. Board the boat at any of the 4 landing locations and tour the riverfront, hopping on and off to explore each location.

Wow your out of town friends and tell them this is where the river flows east to west. Get a taste of the area once known as the Rock Island Rapids – considered the most dangerous section of the upper Mississippi.

The Channel Cat Water Taxi provides three (3) open-air passenger ferryboats on the Mississippi River. Service is generally provided from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, with additional weekend service through October (weather permitting). Check out their video and see if there's anyone you know in it.

Here's a map of locations to board and disembark.

Channel Cat Water Taxi map
Channel Cat Water Taxi
Riverbend Commons
2951 River Drive 
Moline, Illinois
Located near the Riverbend Commons is the newest home port for the Channel Cat. If you're looking for a quiet, inexpensive way to see the Mississippi, hop on the adjacent Great River Trail, which spans 60 miles along the Illinois riverfront.
Isle Casino Hotel
17th Street and Isle Parkway
Bettendorf, Iowa 
Home of the Isle Casino - Hotel Bettendorf, with 70-item buffet restaurant and gift shop.
Village of East Davenport
Lindsay Park
2100 E River Drive
Davenport, Iowa
Historical village dating back to 1851, located off Davenport's River Drive is a shopper's and diner's paradise with unique stores and restaurants.

John Deere Commons                                                                                          Behind the Radisson Hotel                                                                                       1415 River Dr​, Moline, Illinois

Home of the TaxSlayer Center, Radisson Hotel, John Deere Pavilion, and Centre Station, with dining and shopping experiences along Moline's River Drive and 5th Avenue corridors. 

Here are a few rules to follow from the website. Per TSA guidelines, FACE MASKS are required onboard the Channel Cat. Failure to comply could result in a denial of boarding. Hand stamps will not be issued this year for reentry. Instead, present your paper or mobile ticket to re-board.

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