I have a friend who loves to make 'gross' food on Halloween. I say 'gross,' but I don't mean it tastes bad. It actually tastes amazing, but the look of her baked goods makes my stomach turn. She takes a clean cat litter box and scooper and makes a cake that looks like a clean litter box.

When she adds carefully molded Tootsie Rolls and lemon glaze to the box, it looks just like a full, used litter box. GAH. Get's in my head and I can't eat it.

kitty litter cake
Joyce Tucker/Facebook photo

A local coffee shop is offering you an equally 'gross' coffee creation that looks like murder in a cup. If you're all about the delicious-ness of gross looking food and beverage, this is the treat for you.

The Coffee Revolution has concocted a drink that looks completely gross, but has all the fixin's to be delicious. You'll have to wait until October 30th to taste it though.

The bulging eye drink is the shop's Zombie Frappe-coffee, milk, whipped, cream, strawberry puree and candy zombie eye balls.

You can get a free zombie tumbler when you buy the 24 oz frappe on Oct. 30. There's a limited supply so only one per customer while they last. 

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Don't worry if you're not into bloody looking drinks, The Coffee Revolution has drinks for those of us with weak stomachs. Grab a S'mores Latte; it goes away Nov. 1.

Coffee Revolution/photo
Coffee Revolution/photo

You can also get a 'prettier' coffee drink on Halloween. It's called the Good or Bad Witch Frappe. Cereal milk frappe topped with your choice of slime. LOL 

Something to look forward to this weekend. The Coffee Revolution has two locations in Davenport: 2642 Brady Street and 2225 W 53rd St #100.

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