Getting your COVID vaccine just became a little more zen.

Members from Quad City Symphony Orchestra (QCSO) will be performing at the Camden Centre in Milan starting April 14. Live music played by members of our local orchestra will definitely make getting a shot a bit more relaxing.

According to KWQC, Vaccine Variations is part of an initiative that includes one-hour performances by QCSO musicians in the patient observation area of the vaccination clinic. All musicians will be masked and socially distanced. Performances will feature only string musicians.

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As an added bonus, anyone getting a shot will also get a discount code to be used to purchase tickets for upcoming symphony performances.

Here's a quote from the KWQC article.

“We are thrilled to partner with the RICHD by bringing music to their mass vaccination clinic performed by musicians of our orchestra. The success of our local and national vaccination campaign is essential to our ability to finally beat the COVID-19 pandemic and get back to producing large concerts, bringing the joy of full live music experiences back to the Quad Cities.” said Brian Baxter, QCSO Executive Director.

Let's face it, if you're anxious about getting the vaccine, music can only help make you a little less stressed.

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