RAGBRAI is the Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa.  It is more than just a bike ride. It is an epic seven-day bicycling adventure that tests endurance, showcases community and builds lasting friendships.
In fact it's the longest, largest and oldest bicycle touring event in the world.
It is one-third bicycling, two-thirds fun!
Cyclists will travel 454.1 Miles along their journey.  And this Saturday is the final leg of their adventure.  Which, of course, means...a huge party!
This Saturday at 6am, riders will begin the final day in Dewitt and ride through Charlotte for the final dip in the Mississippi River in Clinton.

The riverfront in Clinton is where the band shell is.  So, it is the perfect place to host a party. Then the whole town of Clinton gets into the spirit of things with events all over including my favorite Clinton bar, Hook's Pub.

According to Ragbrai.com:

When you arrive on Main Avenue, there will be a street dance between Lyons Tap & Bicycle Station. There are restaurants near by and the road will be blocked for cyclists. Then after you dip your tires downtown, Riverview Drive will have a band featuring Brooke Byam, Random Tanner, Dave Layton of the Unidynes, and more. There will be food vendors and Jaycees beer tent. You will exit into our downtown which has shopping, restaurants, and more. Then on your way out of town, there are additional restaurants.

Just because you didn't sit on a bicycle for 7 days straight doesn't mean you can't participate in one of the biggest summer parties of the year!

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