It's that time of the year when my boss lets me write my one Star Wars post of the year. May the 4th be with you all. I love Star Wars and really do appreciate all the movies in one way or another. Today I will be ranking the 11 live-action movies.

I grew up with the prequels, and the first one I ever saw was episode 3. I got to see it in theaters as a kid. Needless to say that was probably the worst Star Wars movie to start with. RIP 80% of that movie's cast.

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Ranking The Star Wars Movies

It should also be noted I don't hate any Star Wars movies. I love them all for different reasons. Even my lowest-ranked movies are still above a 70% rating for me. I really struggle to pick the least favorite.

11. Attack Of The Clones

This movie has some of the most quoted lines from fans... Sadly it's not for good reasons. This movie has some great scenes, but some of the worst dialogue. I honestly think it gets more hate than it deserves. It is always a fun rewatch, but there is just enough awkwardness to get it in the lowest ranking. I give it a 71%

10. Solo: A Star Wars Story

I do really enjoyed this movie, it shows what the underground world is like in Star Wars. Plus for those of us that have watched the canon Star Wars TV shows, this movie was almost made for us. You can see what you missed in the shows here. It ranks low due to the fact that I have no real want to rewatch it. I Give It a 76%

9. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The most controversial Star Wars movie of all time. Fans are split over it. The reason this one is my least favorite is for two reasons. The first is I can only remember a few actual highlights but can remember flying Leia and just like my reasoning for Clone Wars being low... I hate awkward scenes. Again I don't think it's bad, or that it "ruined" Star Wars. I just personally don't love it, and rarely want to rewatch it. This movie felt like an ending rather than a middle. 77% rating.

8. Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace

Hear me out, Darth Maul along with actors Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor made this movie and its iconic parts, and one of the best fight scenes to this day. Not to mention Maul was so beloved they brought him back to life! You can learn more about the Star Wars Lore here. I'm biased with this one. 78% rating.

7. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

It was fun, and that's what Star Wars is meant to be. Did it make sense? No not really. Did I have the most fun out of all the other newest movies... eh almost? I think the Mandalorian showing cloning and giving more reason as to how Palpatine returned makes this movie better (Much like the Clone Wars show did for the prequels.) 80% rating.

6. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

It was basically a copy and paste of "A New Hope". Basic good fun, and had a lot for us to be excited about. Honestly, I really liked the updated feel it gave to the franchise. It did give me hope for the future of the series. 82% rating.

5. Star Wars: Episode VI - The Return Of The Jedi

An amazing ending to the original series. Still holds up today and was a fun ride. I do think they also spent a bit too long of a time at Jaba's however. 85% rating.

4. Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

The movie that started it all. Like I said, I love all Star Wars movies, but if I showed this movie to someone who's never seen Star Wars I don't think it could get them to fall in love with it like it did back when it was released. 88% rating.

3. Rouge One: A Star Wars Story

I had no idea a side story could be so iconic. So dark, and yet so hopeful. Not to mention DARTH VADER at the end! 90% rating.

2. Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith

Kinda snuck this one in here. I have a love and hate for this movie cause it was awful seeing it as a kid, but now I love it with a passion. So dark. Everything was also so preventable. The entire time you keep hoping Anikin doesn't turn, but we all know what happens next. I love when a movie adds more to the story. 95% rating.

1. The Empire Strikes Back

In a way, this is what the last Jedi wanted to be. You can't beat the best, however. Iconic and still my favorite movie to watch when it comes to Star Wars. I give this one a 98% rating.

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