Have you heard the ads for those meal kits where they send you the food, measured ingredients and directions on how to put it all together? The concept is you get to cook a great meal that goes from stove to table in thirty minutes. Most of these services operate on a subscription model where you tell them how many will be eating and how many times a week you'd like them to deliver the meals.

Fareway Foods is changing that model. Starting today you'll be able to stop into any Fareway store in the Quad Cities and pick up Hello Fresh meal kits. “Providing alternative meal options for our customers, pairs Fareway’s commitment to offer fresh, affordable products with the convenience that people are looking for,” said Reynolds W. Cramer, Fareway CEO. “We are excited about these partnerships, and to initially offer these products in about forty locations, with expansion being planned to others.”

In addition to the meal kits Fareway will also be offering fully cooked Fresh Take meals that can go from fridge to table in about ten minutes. Here's what Fareway Foods has to say about the products. Here's the Hello Fresh website if you want to check out their offerings.

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