Yesterday we told you the City of Bettendorf is bringing back 4th of July festivities like the parade, fireworks and the street fest. Now we have a similar announcement from the City of Davenport.

Red, White, and Boom! will return to Davenport and Rock Island this year. It's a spectacular firework display shot off from barges in the Mississippi River which can be seen in Davenport and Rock Island.

Red, White and Boom is scheduled for July 3 with fireworks exploding at 9:30 pm. Here's a list of viewing areas and activities for the event. 

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The only problem I see here is for Quad Cities' firework lovers like me. Normally, I'll go to both firework displays: Red, White and Boom! on July 3 and then the Bettendorf firework display on the 4th of July. Since both firework displays are happening on the same day, I'll have to choose which city I'll be in to watch.

That's a tough decision. Both the Bettendorf and Rock Island/Davenport displays are fantastic. Touted as some of the best displays in the region. But I get it. Maybe with both events on the same night, people will spread out more and not be concentrated in one area.

After all, there is still a pandemic going on. I'll take it though. Any event that we can have which seems 'normal' is good in my book.

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