Apparently, there is a way to measure how redneck every town, city, and state is. A YouTube video from 2016 has recently gone viral for a second time and claims to have a list of the top 10 most redneck towns in Iowa.

Before we start, this is made in good fun, and not meant to be an insult. I think he chose "rednecks" cause he knew they would also find it funny, and not take offense to it.

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The List

10. Conesville

Just south of Iowa City. This great town has the 5th most bars per capita in the state! They also have some awesome events made for the proudest of rednecks! It looks like a great time.

9. Maquoketa

Plenty of water to do some fishing! The video also claims there is a lot of bow hunting happening in the area.

Someone Holding a Compound Hunting Bow and Arrow
Stefan Malloch

8. Red Oak

My grandma was actually a minister here. It's a great town, I spent plenty of Summers there, and made some great friends at the local pool. Here is a picture she took while working at one of the Methodist churches.


7. Fort Madison

A fun fact from the video, this is the second-best place to get chew from in the state!

6. Missouri Valley

Right off the Nebraska state line!

5. Boone Iowa

This city also ranks in the top 5 for bars per person in the state. If you love bars this apparently is the place for you!

4. Bloomfield

I've been here once or twice. A place where everyone knows each other!

Boy watching an Independence Day Parade

3. Denison

Just west of Ames Iowa. According to the video, one in every three kids doesn't graduate from high school.

2. Spirit Lake

This spot has the most Walmarts in the area for the entire state of Iowa, nice! It's also a great spot to fish!

Largemouth bass

It is now time for the great honor of the number one spot! If there is a town on here that should be, let us know! What is Iowa's most redneck town?

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1. Fort Dodge

According to the video, if you want to fish, drink, or smoke in Iowa this is the place to be.

The video is clearly a big joke with some statistics here and there, but overall it was fun hearing a place I spent a lot of time at making it onto the list!

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