It all started with a simple comment. “You need one of those service requested lights for your desk like they used to have at Bishop’s Buffet.” Just a simple comment that lead to a 30 minute discussion about Bishops. Memories, favorite foods, etc.

It became quickly clear to a guy like me that didn’t grow up here that there is a lot of good nostalgia wrapped up in Bishop’s. I recall visiting both the QCA and Des Moines area as a child and we would go to eat at Bishop’s. It was always exciting to get your tray and start down the line and see and smell everything that looked so good.

I recall when we visited once that we were so happy to see that they had changed the pricing structure from pay by the item, to one price for all you wanted.

Of course what that really meant was that you were now able to grab two pieces of pie and not get charged extra and have your mom say, “You don’t need two desserts.”

I also remember that they had good ham and fried chicken.

So now they are no more. But wait, I heard that you could still find the chocolate ambrosia pie for which they were so famous at some area restaurants and grocery stores. Oh, I had to check that out and after paying over $10 for a pie I was momentarily transported back to Bishops and a “slice” of my childhood all over again.

What are your favorite Bishop’s memories?


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