Welcome to September, where there seems to be only two schools of thought. For some, it just means that we're in the tail end of Summer, but it's not over just yet. And for others, the first of the month was the official kickoff of all things spooky, Halloween-y, and most importantly, FALL.

There are a few staples when it comes to Fall and Halloween decor; miniature pumpkins, some lights, maybe a few fake leaves around the house, potion bottles, and of course, skulls. But this year, you can go as hard for Halloween as you would for Christmas, with gingerbread houses.

Target has officially stocked their shelves with three different spooky cookie kits. There's a Haunted Mansion, a Moonlit Cottage, and even a graveyard set. (The graveyard seems pretty fitting, considering how fast we'll probably eat these cookies out of existence).

The best part? They're CHEAP. Each one costs just $9.99!

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