Have you seen the latest viral post going around Facebook? I've had at least four friends participate and my friend Bill finally nominated me to do it. Here's what the Facebook prompt is:

Day one of my ten all-time favorite albums.

What really made an impact and is still on my rotation list.

Post the cover and nominate a person each day to do the same.

Today, I nominate Rob Creighton to share some audio love.

It's not always written exactly that way, but it's something along those lines. I've seen variations on this theme. Some that add in a sentence mentioning that those playing don't need to provide reasons why those albums make their top ten. Others that don't require the poster to nominate another person to play. Whether people give reasons why they love their picks are not I find it interesting to learn about the music that's made an impact in their life.

I thought it'd be fun to share my picks with you here on my blog. Here's day one:


Day one of my ten all-time favorite albums: The Eagles "Hotel California".

This is the album that introduced me to The Eagles and California Rock. It’s a perfect blend of tracks and was one of my best $3.99 nice price purchases back in the 80's when I first bought it on cassette. Not only do I love the music. It’s one of my favorite album covers too.

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