Day three of my ten all-time favorite albums: Heart "Greatest Hits Live"

My introduction to Heart was through their 1980's radio hits. Songs like "Never", "Who Will You Run To" and "These Dreams". Since I liked those hits I decided to check out more of their catalog and started with their Greatest Hits Live album on cassette. What a great introduction to their 70's stuff and how the band rock's in concert. I was hooked from the first note. The album mixes album cuts with great live performances, including a cover of Led Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll".

Another reason this album means so much to me: One of the concerts I went to with my friends Jeff, Melissa, Ann and Sue was Heart. When we decided we wanted to see a show, it wasn't going to be Heart. It was going to be Mellencamp or something like that, yet we couldn't get tickets. So I suggested Heart and we went. I thought it was a great show, and I remember Jeff being impressed with their version of "Rock and Roll" too. That meant a lot, because I vaguely remember thinking I wasn't sure if anyone really had in interest in the show besides me. This album always makes me think of that night and makes me smile.

As for Heart, I've seen them three or four times, and Ann and Nancy have never disappointed me in concert. Sadly, a family conflict pretty much has ended Heart for now. Hopefully the ladies can work their family issues and rock us again. Until then, we can listen to "Greatest Hits Live".


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