With a holiday weekend just around the corner, and almost everything canceled for the weekend due to COVID-19, most places and events are looking towards the next holiday weekend to now make the difficult call of whether or not to cancel more things.

That next Holiday is Labor Day, and it seems as though parts of the QC are already taking precautionary actions.

This decision comes from most recent guidance and the associated risks, city officials of Rock Island do not feel it is possible to hold the Labor Day Parade and ensure the safety of citizens. This means 2020 Labor Day Parade and the associated Citizen of the Year awards are canceled.

As of now no other news has come out of up coming events being canceled, but this is most likely the start of many cancellations to come due to the recent increase of COVID-19 cases.

Many were sad to see another Quad City tradition is taking a hiatus because of the coronavirus, but also understand officials decisions. Stay safe out there, Quad Cites.

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