I'm a trendsetter! Every morning, on KIIK 104.9, I ask my 'Craig's Question.' It could be about anything, but it's a chance for listeners to have their voice heard on a variety of topics.

The city of Rock Island must be listening, because this week, they launched what they are calling their Citizen Survey Platform, which I think is short for 'Rock Island's Question.'

The city hopes to be able to poll citizens on a variety of policy proposals.

The first two question are already online: 'Should the City limit the number of short-term lending (vehicle title and payday loan) establishments?' And, 'should the City limit the number of establishments with video gaming machines?'

If you'd like to participate in helping the city of Rock Island shape policy, you can register to take part here at https://polco.us/groups/city/rock-island-il

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