Green Bay Packers fan Russell Beckman is a Bears season ticket holder and he's suing the Bears. Why? Mr. Beckman receives a perk as a season ticket holder where he can be on the field during pregame warm ups. Except Bears officials wouldn't let him on the field in 2016 in his Packers gear.

He saw it "as an affront to the spirit of the game" and decided to sue the Bears over it. This according to an article The Chicago Tribune published in June of 2017. The Bears tried to have the case tossed from the courts last year and failed but are asking the judge to reconsider.

The Chicago Tribune thinks the Bears might have a case and you can read their explanation here in an editorial published today. The editorial also talks about Mr. Beckman's reason for suing the team and it goes beyond the spirit of the game. It's about free speech and the fact that the Bears play in public facility owned by the Chicago Park District.

The lawsuit is back in the news because the Bears and Packers play at Soldier Field on Sunday December 16. Mr. Beckman wants to wear his Packers jersey on the field during warm ups, and the Bears, they'd probably like Mr. Beckman to go away. The Tribune editorial by the way, points out that the best way for the Bears to stick it to the Packers is to win the game on the field.

Personally I say let the guy wear the gear on the field. He bought the season tickets. He's been a season ticket holder since 2003. With the tickets comes the perk of being on the field during pregame warm ups. I firmly believe you buy a ticket, you get what comes with the ticket and you can wear what you want. If the Bears don't want fans in another team's colors on their field, maybe they shouldn't let any fans on the field. Problem solved.


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