I have certainly found that as I get older, it is more and more difficult to decide what gift to get folks for the holidays.

For ex-patriot Quad Citians, or those you just wanna brag about the QCA too, how about some uniquely homegrown items?

Here are some suggestions:

Boetje's Mustard: This award-winning stone ground mustard has a great taste and a stellar reputation. Send a jar of this unique Quad Cities taste to friends and family.

Lagomarcino's: Nothing says the holidays like candy, and this fourth-generation confectionary shop has no end of made in-store treats for you to gift.

Whitey's Ice Cream: Yep. You can ship ice cream and other cool treats around the country thanks to special containers. Order online here.

Happy Joe's Pizza: Pizza can be shipped too. What former Quad Citian wouldn't want a Taco Pizza for Christmas? Order Happy Joe's online here.

What other uniquely Quad Cities items have you shipped to out-of-town family and friends?

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