Anything that happened in March feels like it happened three years ago.

The penguins started taking field trips in March and it was the best source of cuteness and the perfect distraction from the pandemic. Months later, these penguins are still a big source of happiness during this weird time.

So what was their latest field trip? The penguins went to the Field Museum. The Shedd aquarium details -

Magellanic penguin pair Izzy and Darwin waddled over to visit our friends at the Field Museum, including SUE the T. rex and Máximo the Titanosaur.



I'm so obsessed! The Shedd's instagram is a great place to follow the penguins journey around Chicago -

Apparently the Shedd conducts these “field trips” to introduce exercise and variety into the penguins’ everyday lives. And by doing so they introduce adorableness into our lives.

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