The short answer to our question of the day is yes... I mean who does it hurt by asking your already partner to be your Valentine?

I know this sounds dumb, but recent sources have stated that many women and men wish their partners would ask them. It's easy and could make that special someone feel all the more special on the day of love. I know, it sounds dumb, but there is some truth behind it.

George Doyle

A recent internet trend has had many men and women talking about how even though they are in a relationship it would make them feel special to be asked. Obviously, this all comes to your partner and you, but if you want to make someone feel special, this might be the right move.

Plenty of people share the same thought as this Reddit user,

My boyfriend hasn't asked me yet, but I think it is super cute and something a boyfriend should do.

Be Mine Valentines Day candy

Again it's all about you and your partner if neither of you could care less then no you don't need to ask. If you've never asked before but think they might like it then go for it! It literally hurts no one to ask.

Is it a little cringy? Yes. Is it cute and thoughtful? Also Yes! So take your pick.

Funny Valentine's Day

The ball is now in your court. Will you be asking your partner to be your Valentine this year? If yes let us know how you did it on our app.

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