Sadly it looks like we are still getting snow this year, which means the plows are still out, and we need to remember how to keep everyone safe on the roads when said plows are out doing their work.

When we go to work on snowy days our roads are usually pretty clear thanks to snowplows. When I was a younger driver, I was terrified of running into or getting hit by a giant plow, and since they are out in full force I decided to share some quick tips on how to keep you, and the snowplow drivers safe.

These simple rules and guidelines can help any driver out there stay safe.

1. Stay at least 200 feet behind a snowplow

While plows may be slow sometimes it is important to give them room to do their job. It’s best practice to not tailgate or attempt to while it’s in working. this 200 feet is a general rule.

2. Don’t overestimate your braking capabilities

Most plows cannot, or at least have a very hard time stopping in a short distance. Almost all 4 X 4 vehicles are heavier than normal, thus the braking distance is greater.

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3. Avoid driving next to a snowplow

Obviously, on a two-lane highway you may find yourself passing a plow, but make sure not to stay next to them for too long. A snowplow will shift sideways if it hits a snowpack or drift – and could shift into your vehicle.

4. Beware the blinding clouds

This can happen for two reasons, while spreading sand or salt a plow may get some of this onto your windshield if you are following too close, or are passing. Plows pushing snow can also create a cloud that can blind drivers who are following too closely.

5. Passing a snowplow

If it feels too tight on the road to pass a plow, just wait, and don't pass it. Odds are you're right, and it is not a safe time to pass. Wait for a safe, and reliable time to pass.

Information and tips were gathered from TCA. Stay safe out there QC!

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