As always in no way am I trying to call out the amazing men and women who work on our roads, and keep us safe. BUT I'm so confused about how construction... well works.

I bought my house in May and got to enjoy the road for a week before they tore it up.

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The Road Work

On May 24th they came in and tore up our whole road in a day, I thought that with that speed, it would be done fast, but I was wrong. My street has now been closed for over a month. It's only frustrating because now I have to take a different road with a lot of traffic, so now we are all inconvenienced.

I'm just confused about how it works, why destroy the street if you can't fix it till months later? My best guess is that maybe May 24th was the only day they could get the equipment to tear up the road? No other day worked?


I'm sure many of you do know the answer, so your help would be amazing. Someone was so tired of our road being closed that they took down the sign.

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In the end, we are seeing so much road work this year that I figured I'd share my fun experience so far.

The roadwork season never ends, and it's the peak of this year's roadwork season. If you find yourself late due to roadwork, or also have work on your road let me know, it's fun to share our awful roadwork experiences.

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