I recently posted a blog I wrote about how access to healthcare is a concern in the Quad Cities latest community health assessment. I put the blog up on Facebook over the weekend and asked this question: "Have you moved to the Quad Cities in the past couple of years? What was it like finding your doctor? For me it was harder to find one than anywhere else I moved to."

Some of your answers on Facebook were surprising. Including how long some folks have been searching for a primary care physician.

Others talked about the cost involved.

For me, it wasn't so much what I owed the doctor that was surprising. It's how much of the lab work my doctor ordered that gave me sticker shock. Yikes.

Despite the challenges some of us face in finding a doctor, there are some great ones here in town. I got in to see a guy recommended to me by one of my co-workers. And it's not just the Quad Cities where you can run into issues finding a doctor. As this post from Margo reminds us:

My advice if you're actively searching for a new doctor in the Quad Cities. Ask your friends, your co-workers. That's how I did it. Perseverance paid off for me too.

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