There have been face and head injuries reported due to a defective tool sold at two major home improvement stores with locations in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Consumer Product Safety Commission Recalling Sledgehammers

According to the press release from the CPSC, there were more than 2.2 million fiberglass sledgehammers that were sold at The Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and other hardware and tool shops.

The specific sledgehammers being recalled were sold between November 2013 and November 2022, according to the CPSC.

The hazard with these sledgehammers is due to the head becoming loosened prematurely causing it to "detach unexpectedly during use."

Here's How to Check to See If Your Sledgehammer is Being Recalled

The recall is for DeWALT, Stanley FATMAX, and Craftsman Fiberglass Sledgehammers which have had more than 190 reports of the hammer head detaching unexpectedly.

A full refund will be offered for the defective sledgehammers which were priced between $18 and $26.

Here are the model numbers and a description of the fiberglass hammers that you should stop eating immediately:

  • DWHT56141 - 2lb Fiberglass Drilling Hammer
  • DWHT56142 - 3lb Fiberglass Drilling Hammer
  • DWHT56143 - 2-1/2 lb Fiberglass Engineering Hammer
  • DWHT56146 - 2-1/2 lb Fiberglass Blacksmith Hammer
  • DWHT56147 - 4lb Fiberglass Blacksmith Hammer
  • DWHT56148 - 4lb Fiberglass Engineering Hammer
  • DWHT56024 - 4lb Drilling Sledgehammer - hollow handle
  • DWHT56025 - 4lb BS Sledgehammer - hollow handle
  • DWHT56026 - 4lb ENG Sledgehammer - hollow handle
  • DWHT56027 - 6lb Sledgehammer - hollow handle
  • DWHT56029 - 10lb Sledge 36"Hammer - hollow handle
  • DWHT56030 - 12lb Sledgehammer - hollow handle
  • CMHT54163 - 4 LB Engineering Hammer
  • CMHT56006 - 3 LB Drilling Hammer
  • CMHT56011 - 8 LB Sledgehammer
  • CMHT56019 - 10 LB Sledgehammer
  • FMHT51297 - 4 LB Engineer Hammer
  • FMHT51298 - 4 LB Blacksmith Hammer
  • FMHT51308 - 3 LB Drilling Hammer
  • FMHT56006 - 3 LB Drilling Hammer
  • FMHT56008 - 4 LB Blacksmith Hammer
  • FMHT56009 - 4 LB Engineer Hammer
  • FMHT56010 - 6 LB FATMAX Sledgehammer
  • FMHT56011 - 8 LB FATMAX Sledgehammer
  • FMHT56019 - 10 LB FATMAX Sledgehammer

According to the recall details the DeWALT and Stanley sledgehammers are yellow and black, and the Craftsman sledgehammers are red and black.

For more information about this recall of fiberglass sledgehammers from the CPSC, CLICK HERE.

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