I believe in people.  Even these days when it's super easy to find the bad in the world.  Just jump into almost any comment section and you'll find someone trolling or hating on something or someone.

I still believe in people.  There's good all around and it's a shame that some days you have to look too hard.

Just don't stop looking...because some days it's way easier to find.  The pet lover in me was so happy to see this post on the Humane Society of Scott County Facebook page:

SPECIAL DELIVERY: What a morning it was for our pets! Earlier today, our friends at Quad City Dudes Moving Company drove to Milan, picked up and delivered us 4 pallets of mixed pet food. The food was donated to us through the Rock Island County Emergency Management Agency and Rescue Pack Chicago, and will serve the needs of our pets for the rest of the winter.
Let's take a second to talk about Kevin and his team at Quad City Dudes Moving Company. We called them Friday, admittedly in a bit of a panic wondering how we would transport 4 pallets of food from Milan to our shelter. Our panic lasted about 10 seconds on the phone with Kevin, and he assured us that they would get it to us easily, at no charge and hassle free.


Not only did Kevin tell us he will be there for us should we ever need him again, he noticed other shelters at the food pickup site in need of help as they shoveled loose bags into a pickup-and offered to help them, too. He even brought his family dog, Deuce along for the ride! Deuce attends all work-related trips, and it's always fun for us to meet pets from the community.

Be the good!  And never stop looking for the goodness around you.

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