Is this nightmare happening to anyone else?

When the title says "This apartment" I actually mean my apartment complex. Everywhere I turn it looks like spiders have taken over. This happens every year, and today I noticed this year's large number of spiders around my entire apartment complex, in fact, everyone in my complex has mentioned it once, or twice, but today the already large number of spiders seemed to have doubled!

With how extreme temps have been this year, both high and low, the bug population has been a bit whacky...

The Spiders


While that quick explanation isn't wrong it still blows my mind how many spiders I saw this morning!


Yep, those are all spiders.


Why Are We Seeing So Many Spiders?

There are a few reasons a spider may be hanging out around or in your home:

1. If there are a lot of bugs around, spiders will be there too.

2. In the late summer and early fall months, spiders are out in full force. Sometimes that force is right outside your door. Just the luck of the draw. Sometimes this also happens in late spring.

3. Some bugs come into homes because the conditions outside are too dry. These are called moisture pests. Again Bugs = Spiders.

My situation seems to be that our lights really attract buys making it the perfect home for these spiders. In total, I saw about 30 spiders out and about. They also weren't all the same, there were countless different types.

Thankfully I don't have a fear of spiders, but I still get nervous about running into a spider web as I head to work. Talk about an awful way to start the day! Have you seen a rise in spider numbers around your place? You can learn more here about spiders in your home, or apartment.

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