Thanks a lot, Mother Nature. The Rock Island Parks and Rec Department was supposed to kick off their annual summer concert series tonight in the Quad Cities. Tonight's show has been postponed because of the rain.

We can look forward to next Tuesday night's show and every Tuesday all summer long we invite you to spend the evening with KIIK 104.9 and enjoy live music. It's the 65th year for the Starlight Review Concert Series at Lincoln Park in Rock Island. Each week features live music from a variety local artists each week.

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Open the KIIK 104.9 app to see who is playing each week. The music starts at 7:00 pm, but if you come early at 5:00 pm, Hy-Vee Grille will be there to serve up dinner and the Rock Island Parks staff have included a variety of pies & ice cream too.

The concert series is presented by Friendship Manor, Rock Island Hy-Vee and the Quad Cities Greatest Hits, KIIK 104.9. We hope you'll join us this Tuesday and every week all summer long. See you at the Lincoln Park band shell next week.

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