This is one of my favorite state parks. Of course it had to close after the August 10 derecho. Think of all the downed trees. Here's the good news. Trails opened back up yesterday.

Starved Rock State Park in Utica, IL just about a 90 minute drive from the Quad Cities has opened up a number of trails (not all, because well, all the trees). Some trails remain closed for clean up according to 

Here are the canyons and overlooks at Starved Rock that are back open.

  • Starved Rock
  • Lover’s Leap Overlook
  • Eagle Cliff Overlook
  • Beehive Overlook
  • Sandstone Point Overlook
  • French Canyon
  • Pontiac Canyon
  • Wildcat Canyon
  • Basswood Canyon
  • Lonetree Canyon
  • Aurora Canyon
  • Sac Canyon
  • Kickapoo Canyon

Matthiessen State Park remains closed as clean up continues there. If you go to Starved Rock, park staff suggest you wear masks, maintain social distance and bring along hand sanitizer. 

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