Stephanie Quayle has released the music video for her song 'Sugar High.'

The song was penned by Kelley Lovelace, Steve McEwan and Ashley Gorley and was produced by Grammy winner Ilya Toshinsky. Quayle says she approached Lovelace after meeting a mutual friend and asked if she could record one of his songs. The two flipped through his catalog of songs and settled on 'Sugar High.'

"There was something about 'Sugar High' that felt like me, it felt like this is one we HAVE to record," Quayle tells The Boot. "We recorded an acoustic demo then sent it to Ilya Toshinsky to hear, and he did what he does so well, he made it candy to our ears -- pun intended. I have always wanted the kind of love that you can't get enough of, and this is that song. I think we all long for that, and if you have it, boy, you better hold onto it ... but not too tight."

The video captures the song's sweetness with soft lighting and a down-to-earth country feel.

"We wanted to really allow the audience to get to know me with this video, and we didn't want to complicate with a storyline," the Bozeman, Mont., native says. "My favorite part of the shoot was when we turned up the playback for the scene of me on the blanket, and the horses, ponies, mules and bugs all came to the party! It was beyond awesome, surreal, feels like a dream."

The animals that showed up during the video shoot were completely unexpected, but Quayle says she's a "horse junkie" and would be fine having them in everything she does.

"I think horses are the most stunning creatures on this planet, I could watch them all day," she says. "I have pictures of myself with my mom on horses before I could walk. They have always been a part of my life, and growing up on the farm, they truly symbolized freedom for me. I could throw a halter on my horse, jump on bareback [and] ride, ride and ride. My mom taught me everything I know about horses, and to this day, we could spend hours getting lost in conversations about our love of horses."

'Sugar High' is available for download on iTunes and Amazon.

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