Is anyone else finding the stink bugs annoying? Bug experts call the invasive species brown marmorated stink bugs which earned the name for its tendency to release an odor when it's disturbed or crushed. Apparently stink bugs are on the rise in the Quad Cities because of the warmer than usual weather.

But while the large brown bugs can seem intimidating and gross, they aren't dangerous. Cooler temperatures tend to put an end to seasonal bugs; that's why they'll be seeking warmth sometimes inside your home.

If you are having an issue with stink bugs in your home local experts say there are over-the-counter sprays you can buy. Spraying around your windows outside the house, and in your yard can help prevent them.

A common method is vacuuming the bugs to avoid the odor, but it's recommended to empty the vacuums immediately after. Another home remedy is rubbing strongly scented dryer sheets on window screens because the smell will deter stink bugs.

Stink bugs are also attracted to plants so you might want to  check your plants before bringing them indoors for the fall and winter seasons.

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