I've had cats in my life forever. Lots of cats. But for whatever reason, I haven't had a cat in my life for the past 10 years, so I'm ready for another kitty. My partner doesn't agree.

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Orange cat in a Christmas tree
Orange cat in a Christmas Tree

My partner isn't really a pet person. I know it's strange; how could I be with a man who isn't a pet person? But that changed almost immediately after I met him. I had the coolest Chihuahua, Pedro.


Pedro was practically raised by my German Shepherd and was just the most laid back little dude who didn't let anything shake him. He got along with everyone.  Then one day I brought home a puppy.

Chi Weenie Pom Dog

She is a Chi-Weenie-Pom with one blue eye and one brown eye. My partner bristled. "We can't have two dogs."

2 dogs
Pedro and Aja

Um, we can and we did. We named her Aja and my partner fell in love. He often calls her the love of his life. It's ok with me.

Pedro has since gone to dog heaven, Aja is 8 years old and I'm ready to add another furry friend to the family. This time, a cat. I want an orange cat.

Orange cat Tami/TownsquareMedia
Orange cat

My partner isn't interested. That's what he said about the 'love of his life.' I need to convince him, so I did what any business minded person would do, I wrote up a proposal.....for a new cat. Here's what I submitted in writing today:

Dear Significant Other,

I have a proposal I'd like to share with you. Please read the proposal carefully and take your time responding. As you know, I have been bringing up the possibility of adding to our family on several occasions lately.

I understand adding a puppy or a mature dog to our family is not a good idea right now. Aja might get along with a puppy, but there's no real way to know without upsetting her and the puppy and I'm not sure that's a risk to take right now.

I do think however, adding a mature, neutered, docile cat is an idea for you to consider. I know you've bristled at my suggestion in the past, but I do have some details I'd like to share with you.

I'm very particular about the type of cat. I'd like an orange, male, cat that's neutered, litter trained and very laid back. He'd have to be comfortable with toddlers, Aja, and an mature man like yourself.

I'm confident I could find a older cat at a local shelter. I'd be providing him a good home and filling the hole left in my heart after the loss of Pedro and Sophie, the cat.

Our new cat could have a feeding station on a table on the laundry room counter so Aja can't access his food.

Here's my plan for the litter box. I'd like to keep it in the garage. I was very successful with this in my Florida home. I cut an insulated cat door into the human door leading from my house to the garage.

It's easy to introduce this concept to a cat. I had two cats who were happy to use the cat door for voiding. There was no cat box odor in the house that way.

Cat boxes would be changed once a week or more frequently if you prefer. If you ever notice you'd like a change, simply as and I'll respond to your request within 6 hours.

The only drawback I noticed with litter boxes in the garage, was my cats would catch and play with tiny Florida lizards and occasional bring those into my home. Lizards are afraid of humans and cats so the only evidence I had for this behavior was dried up dead lizards I'd find under the couches when I moved them. There was no smell.

I would not expect a cat to bring in anything from our garage especially since we have addressed the mouse problem. Cats actually deter mice so now we're double protected.

Garage doors can still be opened without worry of the cat escaping. We never encountered our cats leaving while the garage doors were opened. If we noticed a cat wanting to use the litter box during this time, we'd close the door or lock the cat door and provide a temporary litter box in the house in the event the cat needed to void while we had the outdoor garage doors open.

Feeding and maintaining a cat is rather inexpensive. Vaccinations and general maintenance costs are lower for cats than dogs. There is the occasional cat toy or cat nip to offer the cat, but those are very inexpensive.

Orange cats like the one I'm proposing to adopt ave short hair and shed less than others so we won't have additional pet hair burden us.

I appreciate your considering my proposal. I am available for any questions or concerns you might have. Cat adoption fees are also affordable.



Orange cat on a coffee maker
Orange cat

What do you think? Do I have any chance of convincing my partner it's time to add another fur baby to our family? Let me know if you have any tips. Email me at Tami@kiik1049.com.

If he agrees, then I'll need your help with a name.

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