I'm an animal lover, but this was a little much. Yesterday afternoon I found this guy hanging out on my front porch. This wasn't an ordinary garter snake and I was completely creeped out.

Ok, so the snake is not giant or venomous, but this is where I take my little dog outside and the porch was NOT big enough for the three of us.

Water Snake/Tami Seitz/Townsquare Media
Water Snake/Tami Seitz/Townsquare Media

What kind of snake was it? This guy seemed well fed and had an interesting shaped head. After some research I found this is a water snake which is pretty common in the Midwest and often confused with water moccasins. The difference is moccasins ARE venomous; water snakes are not, but they can hiss, get aggressive and bite.

According to the University of Michigan’s Animal Diversity Web & (ADW), water snakes are happy to dwell near any type of significant water source, such as rivers, and creeks (I live close to both).

They like to bask in the sun then water snakes take refuge under flat rocks and logs. Water snakes often climb trees and rest on the branches. If disturbed, they will drop from the tree and head for water.

Gah! Not only do I have to shoo them off the front porch, I need to keep an eye out for them dropping from trees.

Where's a good mongoose when you need one!

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