2020 was definitely a year of change. Some things that changed might have been for the better.

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Who would have guessed big retailers thought it was important for employees to have a holiday off? Ok, maybe that wasn't the reason for closing last year on Thanksgiving, but as it turns out, it was a profitable decision.

Many retailers tried to avoid a jam packed stores full of shoppers during a pandemic, so they tried something different and it worked. AND in-store employees got the day off.

Target announced yesterday they're going to be closed again this year for Thanksgiving.

According to Target's corporate website,

The response was so positive that we’ll carry it forward this year, keeping our Target stores closed all day long on Thanksgiving Day. This is just one example of how our evolving strategy is meeting the needs of our business and our guests.

It looks like you'll still get those great Black Friday deals too.

Family sleepwear sets (we sold a pair nearly every second), Christmas tree ornaments (guests bought enough to decorate 120,834 trees) and nearly 2 million of our popular Wondershop gingerbread houses.

So far, I can't see a downside to any of this.

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