Most of my family and friends have heard, adnauseam, my story of how Tom Cruise owes me $500. Few know that I actually directed Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling in a TV special... kinda.

Though I've lived in the QCA for almost 18 years now, in the early 1990's, I worked in television in Canada. I hosted a public affairs program, and produced music and entertainment specials in my hometown of Cornwall, Ontario.

While we worked together on a theatrical production, the music teacher from my old high school continually lobbied me to produce a holiday TV special featuring the school's show choir. I finally relented and we rolled out the mobile production truck and I produced and directed a two-hour special.

The show choir was good, particularly this little blond kid named Ryan Gosselin (he changed it to Gosling shortly after) who wasn't the least bit awkward on stage, and really knew how to work the camera. He had this cocky charm that often got him picked on, but I knew it would serve him well if he ever wanted to work in showbiz.

Just months after the holiday special, Ryan Gosling travelled an hour east of our hometown of Cornwall, Ontario to Montreal, and auditioned for The New Mickey Mouse Club. The rest is history.

I have searched high and low for the VHS copy of that show choir performance featuring Ryan Gosling, so I can finance my kid's college tuition, but my wife is convinced I threw it out recently. I blame her.

I did recently unearth two videos from those days back in Cornwall, Ontario.

Enjoy these while I look for that show choir video.

- Craig



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