With Lent, the Christian preparation for Easter, beginning tomorrow, I was reminded of this story from my youth.

I attended catholic school as a boy, through eighth grade. I had a few nuns for teachers and there was a lot of catechism.

Lent was a pretty important time of year at school. We were asked to seriously consider what to sacrifice for that 40 day period before Easter.

When I was seven years old, I decided cookies would be my sacrifice, and I stayed true through day 30 or so.

During the Lenten period, our classrooms were being painted, so we were scattered at desks placed in the hallways throughout the school. One day, I opened lunch to discover my Mom had put cookies in my Snoopy lunchbox, and without thinking, nor anyone around me to remind me of what I had given up for Lent, I ate the cookies.

When I realized what I had done, I was mortified. I thought for sure I was going to hell. It took a principal and my Mom to talk me down.

I don't observe lent anymore, but, if you do, leave a note for your Mom!

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