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If you're looking for a tasty meal or treat, but aren't in the mood to spend a lot of cash, you're in luck-Davenport has a surprising number of restaurants with delicious meals that won't break the bank. Trip Advisor compiled a list of the best cheap eats in the Davenport, but we're narrowing their list down to include only local establishments. While chain restaurants can be great, we feel that it's important to support small business owners and keep your money local.

Plus these restaurants all feature relatively healthy menu options (minus Whitey's, but come on, it's the best ice cream in the world) and they won't cost you much more than a value meal.

Here are 6 of the best places for cheap eats in Davenport, and their Travel Advisor reviews:

1. Whitey's

"The ice cream is second to none. All flavors are terrific. And if you want a malt or shake Whitey's can't be beat. With a malt or shake they stand the spoon upright in the cup and a straw is something you won't need.
If you haven't been to a Whitey's, pack up the car and head there. You won't be disappointed."

2. Cafe d'Marie

"The atmosphere is wonderful. Very relaxing. Very friendly staff. The food was delicious. We had 3 of the quiches, 2 different soups, and 1 panini sandwich. All were delicious. The quiches were light and very flavorful. The ingredients were different and fresh. The soups were asparagus and a mushroom one. Both were homemade and had a great taste. The panini had a different combination and was not greasy. The bread was perfect too. The hot chocolate, tea, and steamer all were very high quality. The cookies was fresh made and also delicious. I would definitely go back. I wouldn't mind taking a quiche home for later!"

3. Front Street Brewery

"I have been going here for years on end and the Raging River " The Rage" is one of my all time favorites! Besides having outstanding craft beer the food is also noteworthy from the cheeseburger soup to the best nachos ever. I knew the original owners and they were just the best, could not ask for a better experience!! I must say I have not been out to Front Street as I use to and still, I have met some of the new owners and they seem to be just as nice as Steve & Jen. I can say the food and beer is still top notch and looking forward to my next visit with will be very soon.."

4. Exotic Thai 

"The parking is easy...the decor is modern and inviting...the service is excellent...and the food is delicious! I always get the same dishes...Tom Kha soup with tofu and sometimes shrimp, and the Kang-panang curry with tofu and sometimes chicken. So so good!"

5. Zeke's Island Cafe

"Zeke's feels like a friendly neighborhood type of restaurant. I was immediately greeted when I came in by friendly staff. Their recommendations for food were spot on. The Huli Huli chicken is a great meal as it comes with fried rice, and eggroll and pasta salad on the side. I sat at the bar. They had a good selection of Hawaiian and other beers. The interior is in fancy but it is clean and modern. Basketball games where on the television. The food came out quickly and the price was reasonable. I would recommend this place to anybody looking for a quick bite in this neighborhood. The tacos look great as well."

6. Barrel House 211

"I had the fish and chips, it was excellent! My daughter had the ham and cheese sandwich and loved it. My wife had a chicken sandwich with coleslaw and thought it was great as well. The homemade chips are very good as well. Everything is reasonably priced and the service was good. I would highly recommend trying them out if you haven't been here before!"

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