Summer 2023 is just around the corner, and if you're looking for some real fun with your family and friends, these beaches could really provide that fun.

A new list by Only In Your State claims that these are the 9 best beaches in Illinois. Many are considered a great spot for the whole family while others are a bit more private.

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Only In Your State  says that these are must-see beaches in the great state of Illinois. This list isn't in any particular order, all are great in there own special ways. Get ready for Summer 2023!

9 Illinois Beaches

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  • Illinois Beach State Park, Zion

This gorgeous stretch of beach sits along the shores of Lake Michigan and is a picturesque spot for wildlife, hiking, and swimming.

  • Lighthouse Beach, Evanston

This one is popular but also requires a day pass.

  • Oak Street Beach, Chicago

You can view the Chicago city skyline from this beach, which has an accessible path to the shoreline.


  • Sunrise Park, Lake Bluff

Park District residents are given free access to this stunning beach while non-residents can purchase a day pass.

Yep another day pass...

  • Northwestern Beach, Evanston

This beach is located at the north end of Northwestern's campus, but all are welcome to visit.


  • Glencoe Beach, Chicago

From a playground to SUP board, sailboat, and kayak rentals, a playground, sun shelters, and locker rooms, this is the ultimate beach to spend the day.


  • Rend Lake, Benton

There is a ton to do on this beach! You can hike, bike ride, kayak, you can also play some golf.

  • Lake Shelbyville, Shelby County

Lake Shelbyville has some of the most beautiful beaches in Illinois and is quite the destination with all the things to do here. Aside from four public beaches, it's close to historical sites and plenty of lodging.


  • Montrose Beach, Chicago

This is another awesome beach for the family when the season is right.


Have you been to these beachs before? Let us know what you thinkof these spots?

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