It's been a crazy last two months following the abrupt closing of the Wasserbahn Waterpark Smock Hotels & Resorts. It seems as though everything has finally slowed down and come to an end. Today we are going to take a final look at where everything has left off.

From crazy closings, Auctions, and a Facebook page. How did it all end?


The Facebook Page

After gaining 161 followers, it seems as though the Facebook page is no longer posting. People either received the refunds they were hoping for or it became such a lost cause that no one has followed up.


Their Website

The website no longer seems active though it should be noted at this time when you google the park it only says "temporarily closed" Which I believe is a simple mistake seeing as though they auctioned everything off. They are also reportedly scheduled for demolition, so probably not temporarily closed.

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The Rumors

Though some internet rumors speculate financial mishandling, that has not yet been proven true. Other Quad City residents speculated a darker reason behind the closing as well. They posted their comments on our Facebook page. See below:


At this time there do not appear to be any legal updates on the accusations made against the owner. There is also a claim that the owner fled to Florida. That appears to be the last accusation made.


Years Of Issues

It appears that since 2013, the park has had some on and off issues with a change of ownership around that time. According to a 2014 article from the Iowa City Press-Citizen,

Under previous owners, the water park was closed after "numerous ongoing violations of state swimming pool regulations," the IDPH stated. The violations include "repeated failures to properly chlorinate the swimming facility, maintain proper water chemistry, and conduct proper testing and record keeping."

Wasserbahn Waterpark was an indoor waterpark located at 2211 U Avenue in Williamsburg, Iowa. More information can be found here. Our photos of the building shown above were actually given to us by a past employee who requested their identity remain anonymous.


In the end, many Iowans have both positive and negative memories of this location. Though many of our moods towards this park have become very negative due to the abrupt closing and some cleanliness issues, I'll always remember the good memories I had there as a kid. I also do hope this is our final story on the park and that no other dark bombshells drop about this location.

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