Many of us grew up looking up to the iconic mouse, Chuck E. Cheese. And now we can relive that childhood like wonder, and bring the kids back to Chuck E. Cheese on January 9th, 2020.

The Facebook event has fans very excited. The event kicks off with a ribbon cutting, and everyone is welcome. From 4-6pm there will be cake, pizza, and an appearance by Chuck E. And more.

Getty Images
Getty Images

In the earlier part of 2019 a YouTuber named Shane Dawson made a video conspiracy about Chuck E. Cheese, which revived over 38 million views. While it is lacking in research and was just an assumption, many people latched onto the story in Febuary and March.

The business Chuck E. Cheese didn't let that bring them down though. They are now going out remodeling and reopening multiple stores all over the USA and one of them is right here in The Quad Cities.

Many patrons are excited to see what the new interior will look like, and see the updated games. Will you be going to the grand opening of this Chuck E. Cheese?

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