Remember the Furby craze back in the late 1990's? It seems the newest holiday toy craze is something called Fingerlings and they're flying off the shelves in the Quad Cities.

Authentic Fingerlings are manufactured by WowWee and retail for $14.99. When I searched, I found similar looking toys, but they weren't made by WowWee; beware of knockoffs and imitations.








I called the Target store in Davenport and there are currently no Fingerlings in stock and the clerk couldn't say when they would have more. I managed to find some on, but not at the $14.99 price. I did not see any Fingerlings listed on

I found my Furby's back in 1999, but only by chance. Good luck finding these little electronic toys worn on your finger. You can also expect to see these little gems going for top dollar on bidding sites.

I think I'll stick with good ole' Lincoln Logs.



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