Iowa is known as a pretty safe, and friendly state, but that doesn't mean there aren't some rougher areas than others. A recent study looked at dangerous areas in Iowa.

Today we will be looking at the 8 most dangerous cities in the state of Iowa.

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How They Got The Numbers 

It looks like this site looked into FBI reports and others.

There are 1,369 cities in Illinois that range from over 2.5 million to just 14 residents. Generalizing is a slippery slope, as the FBI wisely reminds us. Many factors influence crime. They run the gamut, from poverty rate to population density to even innocuous things like climate. Current events and the political sphere also exert a powerful force.

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Top 8 most dangerous cities

Here are the top 8 spots on the list for the state of Iowa.

8. Indianola

With a reported high violent crime rate and a poverty rate of 30.6%, The site states:

Indianola has the second-highest number of rapes in the state and ranks in the top five for violent crime in general. If it’s any consolation, property crime isn’t that big of a deal here and your valuables should be safe. Consider carrying a stun gun or pepper spray if you’re in town for the hot air balloons, though.


7. Sioux City

It was once called Little Chicago during Prohibition with a murder rate of 2.4 per 100k people because Al Capone had nearly 30 safehouses in the city. According to the list,

Violent crime isn’t as high as other entries on this list, but Sioux City has the third most burglaries in the state and has the fourth-highest property crime rate. Other unusual types of crime like car theft and arson are more common here than in other cities, too.


6. Mason City

This is the first city on the list I've been to. I didn't realize it was going to rank so high.

Mason City has much going for it. The population has declined by a couple of thousand people in the past few years, and crime has steadily risen. Although thankfully devoid of murders, assaults and larceny are startlingly common in Mason City. This town ranks #6 for violent crimes in all of Iowa.


5. Davenport

Awesome! The city I live in made it on the list... I saw this one coming. The third-largest city in Iowa and the largest on the Mississippi River brave enough to have no permanent floodwall or levees. Go us! The report goes on to say,

large populations mean lots of crime. Specifically, aggravated assaults and rapes have been a big problem here in recent years. Property crimes like theft are an issue, too, with a 1-in-24 chance of becoming a property crime victim.


4 Des Moines

Looks like a big city = Higher rankings. With a murder rate of  6.4 per 100k people, It's also stated that "Des Moines has the third-highest property and violent crime rates in the state—in particular, burglary here is the highest in the state, so keep your doors locked and valuables secured. If you’re visiting for the State Fair or just to walk around downtown, it’s safe enough not to need special precautions."

While downtown is pretty safe during the day, it still ranks in at number 4.

3. Ottumwa

High crime is what gets this city on the list, in fact it's noted in the report,

Sadly, Ottumwa’s rich culture belies its high crime rate. Property crime is rampant, with a 1-in-24 chance of becoming a victim. Although the violent crime rate is relatively low, you shouldn’t let your guard down when visiting or passing through.


2. Council Bluffs

In at number 2, Council Bluffs does have suburbs with rich historical significance, but it also struggles with crime.

These days, Council Bluff has Iowa’s highest violent crime rate and third-highest murder rate – you have a 1-in-126 chance of becoming a victim of violent crime here. Property crime is the highest in Iowa, too, with a 1-in-12 chance of being a victim of a theft or burglary.

The site goes on to say,

Most crimes happen in the central areas of the city. If you stick to the safer areas in the southeast, you should be fine.

So what city holds the number one spot?

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1. Keokuk

I would have not guessed this spot in at number one. Then again I don't know a lot about Keokuk, but it's reported to have a murder rate of 9.6 per 100k people.

Unfortunately for anyone seeking a safe and peaceful existence, Keokuk has the highest violent crime rate in the whole state—you have a 1-in-115 chance of being attacked there. Residents consider the southeastern neighborhoods the worst part of town, whereas the north parts of town are far safer.

It is also mentioned that property crime is #2 in the state, too, and you have a 1-in-15 chance of being a victim of theft in Keokuk.

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