Wisconsin is a great state, but even the best states have areas that are worse than others. A new study looked at those areas and created a list of the most dangerous places in Wisconsin.

This is a quick look at The 8 Most Dangerous Places in Wisconsin

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How They Got The Numbers 

It looks like this site looked into FBI reports and others.

There are 1,369 cities in Illinois that range from over 2.5 million to just 14 residents. Generalizing is a slippery slope, as the FBI wisely reminds us. Many factors influence crime. They run the gamut, from poverty rate to population density to even innocuous things like climate. Current events and the political sphere also exert a powerful force.

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The Most Dasngours Cities In Wisconsin

These are the 8 most statistically unsafe places in Wisconsin.

8. Kenosha

Our first city on this list is Wisconsin’s fourth largest city, Kenosha. The site goes on to say,

Recent events have put Kenosha in the nation’s spotlight. Before these developments, overall crime rates were declining, with steep drops in robberies and property crime. However, both have increased, particularly violent types. Sadly, the town reached its annual average of homicides in March 2021. It follows trends that have plagued many cities across the nation.

7. Janesville

The study had a lot of good things to say about this spot from its green energy, to its rich history. Sadly it still has some issues it is dealing with.

The good news is that violent crime has declined in the five years to levels below the state average. Sadly, that isn’t the case with property crime. The rates for theft have increased to above the state average. There were 1,577 known offenses in 2019. Theft was by far the largest type. Disconcertingly, there were also several arson crimes.

6.  Racine

30 miles south of Milwaukee on the shore of Lake Michigan, Racine was ranked number 6. According to the study, this is very new.

Racine used to be one of the safest cities in the state. Unfortunately, recent figures tell a different story. Robberies, burglaries, and assaults are higher than the Wisconsin average. There were 990 known property crime offenses in 2019 alone. Arson has also been an issue in the past few years. Unfortunately, these rates make Racine one of the least safe cities in the state.

5. Madison

Wisconsin’s second-largest city and capital of the state comes in at number five. The list claims it is in the right spot at number 5.

Madison has dozens of neighborhoods with varying crime patterns. While most rates are in line with the state averages, burglaries and thefts are higher in this college town. It’s worth noting that the poverty rate is significantly more, too. Like Green Bay, the statistics show crime leveling off instead of declining in recent years. It’s a shame, given that Madison has so much to offer for residents and visitors alike.

4. West Allis

With an increase in poverty and crime, this location makes it in at number four in the rankings.

West Allis has seen a spike in property crime in the last several years. While it’s less than it has been in the past, it still surpasses the state average. Assaults have also increased, with 110 known offenses committed in 2019. Although the poverty rate is similar to Wisconsin, minorities have significantly higher percentages.

3. Green Bay

Personally, I don't know a lot about Wisconsin, so it was interesting to see Green bay get in on this list,

The poverty rate in the city is well above the state average of 11.3%, which may be a contributing factor to its high property crime. In recent years, violent crime has risen with the greatest increases in assaults and rapes. Both types are well above the state average. Overall, crime rates haven’t declined as much in the last several years. Instead, they appear to be leveling off and not dropping as quickly.

2. Appleton

Looks like crime is lowering in the area, but not enough to take it off the list. Appleton is in at number 2.

On a positive note, overall violent and non-violent crime has decreased in recent years. The rates are also below the state average. Nonetheless, assault and theft remain significant problems. Unfortunately, 2019 saw a slight uptick in some crime types, particularly assaults and rapes. That occurred in contrast to declining state rates.


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The most dangours city in Wisconsin is...

1. Milwaukee

Again, not one I was expecting, but then again I am learning a lot about Wisconsin as we look at this list. According to the study, Wisconsin's largest city is also the most dangerous which we do see as a trend for most states. The bigger the city, the more crime you see.

Violent crime remains high despite efforts to reform. Interestingly, property crime has declined by nearly 40% since 2006. Nevertheless, both violent and non-violent crime rates are well above the state average. Milwaukee also has a relatively high poverty rate and low median household income for a city of its size, both undoubtedly contributing factors.

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