Well, this is just GREAT.

In addition to rain causing flooding and damage all over the QC, we now have another thing to worry about: a mosquito invasion.

The QC Times reports that the population of the bloodsucking pests will be on the rise this summer. They spoke to the executive director of the Nahant Marsh about the issue.

Ritter went on to say that mosquitos reproduce quicker when it's wet since the bugs lay eggs in the water.

To help prevent mosquitos from breeding in your yard, it's important to reduce standing water whenever possible. Empty kiddie pools, old tires, buckets and other areas that could collect water, wear DEET or other repellent sprays, and report standing water and dead birds to the local government authorities.

Remember, it only takes one mosquito bite to contract West Nile or other viruses. Considering Iowa had an outbreak of West Nile last year, it's important to be especially vigilant.

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