Let's face it, we all love ice cream. Even if you have a dairy allergy, companies make dairy-free ice cream because of how much people love ice cream. With it being summertime, ice cream trucks are out and about selling cold treats in neighborhoods throughout the Quad Cities. A new study has come out showing each state's favorite ice cream truck treat.

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On Thursday while I was doing yard work, an ice cream truck drove by my house to taunt me I'm pretty sure. It was hot and ice cream sounded so good. A new study has come out revealing each state's favorite ice cream truck treat.

The company Seaside Vacations did the study. To find out each state's favorite ice cream truck treat, they looked at online search interest in frozen favorites. Seaside Vacations made a list of 24 popular ice cream truck treats and explored Google search trends over the last 12 months for all 50 states plus the District of Columbia.

They determined clear winners for the most popular treat in each state and overall, and how many states searched that treat the most.

Before we reveal each state's favorite ice cream treat, these are the overall most popular cold snacks that people get at an ice cream truck:

Out of the 24 treats on Seaside Vacations' list, only 17 popped up in Google Trends. Klondike Bar was the most popular among Americans with 9 states loving the chocolate ice cream treat.

What is the Quad Cities' most favorite ice cream truck treat? Let's look at the map:

The favorite ice cream truck treat for people in Iowa is a Bomb Pop. South Dakota is the only other station that prefers Bomb Pops.

Illinois' favorite ice cream truck treat is a Fusgsicle. Massachusets and Washington is also a big fan of Fudgsicles.

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