Well, this may not be a good sign. Yesterday, we learned that Steak 'n Shake as a company might be going under in the coming months. It's nothing official, but business and financial experts are thinking it's pretty likely.

Now, we've officially lost a Quad Cities location. A sign was posted in the entryway letting customers know that West Kimberly location has closed, and been designated for a franchise partner.


In short, that means that the closure is just temporary. The restaurant will be renovated with new equipment, and will eventually reopen under new Franchise ownership. That is, assuming there's still a franchise to own them when all is said and done.

The timing is particularly interesting on this closure, and I, for one, will be keeping a close eye on what happens next.

Do YOU think that Steak 'n Shake should shut down permanently? Would the Quad Cities miss it?

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