In late November a user from Iowa posted a video on TikTok  about a "secret" Iowa spot. They were referring to the "World's Largest Truck Stop."  They gave directions to the spot and talked about it, and within days the post had millions of views, and thousands of likes.

Now others are shooting video of themselves driving by, or stopping at the truck stop.

TikTok allows you to duet posts. This gains the original video and the new video more views. You can even create a chain of videos, and this is what people are doing on TikTok with the truck stop.

While trends and viral videos die fast the hype of this truck stop hit it's peak on December 1st and has been talked about for just over a week now, so if you want to jump on the hype with a video do it fast.

I drive past the stop every day so I never realized how many people didn't know about it, but thanks to TikTok multiple people know about this spot.

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