You can never go wrong with a good sandwich. There is a mouthwatering sandwich that is loved by many located right in the great state of Wisconsin.

According to "Only In Your State," this spot is iconic.

there’s a wonderful little restaurant that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a New York deli. Stalzy’s Deli and Bakery serves up delicious sandwiches that are piled high with goodness. It’s a local institution that serves up some of the best sandwiches in Wisconsin—it’s worth a visit to this charming Madison neighborhood, but be sure to arrive hungry.

Homemade Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich

The Iconic Sandwich Shop In Wisconsin

You can find this restaurant on Madison’s east side in Wisconsin. A location that has a very rich culture.

You'll find this spot on Madison’s Atwood Avenue. It’s a street that’s home to an eclectic mix of stores, restaurants and entertainment spots

This restaurant is called Stalzy’s Deli and Bakery.


The spot opened in 2010 and it quickly became a famous restaurant. It also has a vast number of loyal customers. "Only In Your State" went on to say,

This little deli’s secret, and its mission, is simple: create simple hand-crafted food from scratch. It takes plenty of time to do everything carefully and correctly and the results are sublime!

The food truly is amazing. Again you can never go wrong with a good sandwich.

Turkey Sandwich With Tomato and Lettuce

The restaurant supports locals and also has a vast amount of events that go on each week and month. It is truly great to see. When you look into another goal of the deli you can see more on the website.

We support hard working local businesses and purveyors by using Wisconsin products & services whenever possible. Embracing an ideal that has seemingly disappeared from our culture, we take the time to do things correctly, providing you with the finest products we can create. From the moment a raw ingredient enters our kitchen, to the moment a finished product is placed at your table, there is one message that we know is noticed and understood. We take great pride in what we do.

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