I've never heard of a flower garden road trip, but apparently there is a perfect flower road trip in the state of Iowa. 'Only In Your State' went on say,

Many of these are seasonal farms that are just getting revved up for the year, while others are hidden gems like botanical gardens and wildflower trails that are open all year round. There’s even a whole town that’s a must-visit destination during this time of year!



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You can see the actual full road map here.

The Flower Iowa Stops

This trip will take you across the great state of Iowa. We will be looking at only a fraction of the amazing stops on this great journey. The full flower road trip features eight stops. We will see the top three.


The Best Flower Spots In Iowa

Obvisouly all eight of these spots really are the best in Iowa.

Pepper Harrow Flower Farm - Winterset: This spot is a popular one. Sources go on to say,

Escape to the beauty and tranquility of PepperHarrow, a 20 acre flower farm in Madison County. Our glamping tent offers a unique and peaceful getaway, surrounded by 8.5 acres of stunning flowers. Relax and unwind amongst 2.5 acres of lavender, 1.5 acres of annuals, 1 acre of perennials, and wildflower areas supporting local pollinators. Experience the magic of nature from the comfort of our cozy glamping tent, perched atop the bluffs overlooking the Middle River Valley.

Pella: 'Only In Your State' loves this spot. They went on to say,

Pella is maybe the most marvelous town in Iowa, a rich Dutch village filled with authentic windmills, sculptures, and food. It's also home to the largest tulip fields in Iowa, and they bloom throughout the spring. That's when the town hosts Tulip Time, an incredible festival celebrating Dutch culture, music, dance, and baked goods.

Pheasant Run Farm - Belle Plaine: If you love sun flowers this is the spot for you. OIYS went on to say,

Best known for its summer sunflower experience. But that's just scratching the surface of what you can do here - a store and cutting garden are available during the spring, and the beautiful Dahlia field has to be seen to be believed.

You can see the full list here.

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