It seems like everything has a list these days, and a Youtube channel is going viral after it took a look at every state and the worst cities in each said state. This Youtube video didn't hold anything back with its rankings of the top ten worst cities in Iowa.

While the video is brutal the creator does keep it light-hearted, now let's see what cities and towns made it onto this list.

Seeing as though I grew up in Iowa I have a bad feeling that a few of my favorite spots may be on this list...

The List

10. Clinton

Not too far from Davenport, and sometimes considered the QCA, it's in the top five for crime rates in the state, the bad smells alone help the spot find itself in at number 10.  but hey at least you had a Flav's Fried Chicken and some great views!

Source: Connor Kenny
Source: Connor Kenny

9. Maquoketa

Sadly this spot does not pay well leading to it being one of the poorest in the state. I have a few friends from Maquoketa, and they are amazing, showing that even if the spot isn't the best, the people are still great.

8. Waterloo

If Waterloo is on this list I have a bad feeling that my home city will be too. I lived in Waterloo not too long ago, it's not awful, but hey fun fact you have a 1 in 45 chance of getting robbed here according to the video.


7. Fort Dodge

You have a 1 in 24 chance of being a victim of a crime, and according to the video, 20% of kids have dropped out of school. I actually use to go here when Pokemon Go was popular...

6. Fort Madison

Once I saw Fort Dodge on the list, I remembered Fort Madison and then BAM it was on the list in the video. In 2016 it had the highest unemployment rate, and it still struggles with that to this day. The video also calls it boring.

5. Centerville

The only spot on this list I have never been to. With high crime rates, and low jobs this spot finds itself at number 5. It also has a high number of Meth busts, but so do a lot of other spots in Iowa, so...

4. Storm Lake

I never thought of this spot as bad, but apparently, it's not a great spot to live in with high crime rates, and less than fabulous schools. According to the video, 40% of the population is high school dropouts.

3. Ottumwa

As a kid, I only ever heard the name of this city cause it always got hit by storms. You also have a 1 in 13 chance of being robbed according to the video. The schools are also one of the least funded

Children loading a school bus
Design Pics

2. Keokuk

With the 2nd highest crime rate, and one of the highest unemployment rates it hits number 2.

Police crime scene
Brian Jackson

And now it's time for the worst of the worst. Who has that great honor?

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1. Council Bluffs

Sadly this spot finds itself on the list due to a struggling economy according to the video. It also has dealt with some of the highest crime rates over the last few years. It also has low-funded schools.

You can see the video here:

QUAD CITIES WE DID IT! We aren't in the top 10. Way to go Davenport, you just barely avoided the list. I guess the great things in our city overshadow the bad.

I'm also surprised that my home city of Cedar Rapids avoided the list too. I guess I should be happy that my two cities didn't make the list, but I'm mostly surprised. What do you think of the list?

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