Does a funny name of a town make you laugh? If the answer is yes, then you came to the right place. Today we are looking at the funniest town names in Illinois.

Now I'm not sure how funny the people are in these towns, but I'm sure a few readers are from the listed towns, and they can let us know.

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We are going to take a look at the first time we saw a major list naming the funniest towns topped up online. This happened in 2015. We will then compare that to a current list from late 2021 or early 2022.

Funny 2015 Town List

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  • Goofy Ridge - A funny place?
  • Bone Gap - This one is just interesting.
  • Cave in Rock - A great place with caves and rocks
  • Sandwich - Yum!
  • Timewell - Always on time here.
  • Perks - A lot of perks here!
  • Lowpoint - Por guys!
  • El Paso - Hmmmm El Paso Illinois
  • Paris - Hmmmm Paris Illinois
  • Ransom - Oh...

You can see that full list here.

William Howell

Funny 2022 Town List

Now let's look at a more recent list! We will bold the ones that were on the 2015 list and the current list.

  • Muddy
  • Humm Wye
  • Boody
  • Effingham
  • St. Elmo - This one is my favorite.
  • Sandwich
  • Kickapoo
  • pankeyville
  • Disco
  • Bone Gap
  • Goofy Ridge
  • Boos
  • Moonshine

You can see more about this list here.

Both lists seem like great with some iconic names! Which one is your favorite? Are you from one of these towns? What is it like? Let us know on our app.

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