Okay, I love a good fashion trend. Fun color streaks in hair, rompers, even rompers for men (sometimes). But then I saw these shoes cross my feed today, and I can't decide how I feel about them.

Yes, they're fanny pack shoes. Instead of a plain old band for the foot, you basically have two little pouches strapped to your feet. I'm all for fanny packs in general, so this could work out well, odd as they seem.

Actually be particularly handy at the Mississippi Valley Fair. No one's gonna try and steal your cards or cash from your literal feet right? Plus they'll leave your hands free to double fist snacks.

For now, the jury seems to be out. The shoes have divided people, but they could unite concert goers and fair attendees alike. We'll see how it goes.

In the meantime, could bucket hats make a comeback?

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