There seems to be a lot of unique "world's largest" objects out there. There are also a few less cool ones as well. The point is... if there is an object out there, you can probably find a "world's largest" for that thing.

Did that make sense? I hope so, here are some of the world's largest objects that are all in the same area in Illinois.

Worlds Largest Things In Casey Illinois

According to Only In Your State, you can only find these objects in Casey Illinois.

- World's Largest Barbershop Pole

Location: 12 W Main St, Casey, IL 62420

Starting very random... I know. It stands at 14 feet, 7 inches tall.

Barber shop pole. Logo of the barbershop, symbol.

- World's Largest Rocking Chair

Location: 110 E Main St, Casey, IL

Standing 56 feet tall, this rocking chair really rocks and became a certified World Record title holder on October 20, 2015.

-  World's Largest Golf Tee

Location: 203 NE 13th St, Casey, IL

There are a few huge gold things in Illinois. To elicit more interest in the town's public golf course, this 30-foot-tall tee was built. It received its World's Largest dedication in 2013.

- World's Largest Wind Chime

Location: 109 E Main St, Casey, IL 

World's Largest Wind Chime was built in 2011 with a 56-foot frame and its longest chime measures 42 feet.

- World's Largest Pitchfork

Location: Casey, IL

This 60-foot long pitchfork received its World's Largest title on October 20, 2015, and was the first of its kind.

- World's Largest Mailbox

Location: 19 W Main St, Casey, IL

You can climb up the stairs of this real working mailbox. And if you place a letter in the slot, the flag will raise! This roomy mailbox, which also gives visitors a view of the town, is 5,743.41 cubic feet.

Man collecting mail from mailbox
Image Source

-  World's Largest Golf Driver

Jim Bolin created this 45-foot-long golf driver at the request of several fans of the World's Largest Golf Tee. Come here for a photo of the driver along with the large mousetrap.

Otmar Winterleitner

Have you visited one of these spots, or seen one of these great objects? Which one is your favorite? Let us know on your app.

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